I'm not a rapper...I am a Painter with words...”

— Self

Welcome to the Official Website for underground recording artist, Dre' from Jerz.

Here you will find out updates and everything happening in the world of Dre' from Jerz. Get to know who he is as a person and explore what he is all about. Dre' from Jerz is not your typical rapper. He considers himself as more of an all-around recording artist and even more so a "Painter with Words" as he likes to put it. Some of his lyrical material is amazingly eye-opening commentary while other tracks contain light-hearted humor or non-sensical aural entertainment.

 Be prepared for Dre' from Jerz to touch on serious topics such as what is trending now or show lyrical prowess by spitting bars to make you think. Another characteristic to point out is that Dre' from Jerz does not just sit in one flow. He goes where the music sonically takes him when it comes to delivery.

Keep an open mind when listening to Dre' from Jerz, he just may inspire you.

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