I'm not a rapper...I am a Painter with words...” - Self

— Self

Welcome to the Official Website for underground recording artist, Dre' from Jerz.

Here you will find out updates and everything happening in the world of Dre' from Jerz. Get to know who he is as a person and explore what he is all about. Dre' from Jerz is not your typical rapper. He considers himself as more of an all-around recording artist and even more so a "Painter with Words" as he likes to put it. Some of his lyrical material is amazingly eye-opening commentary while other tracks contain light-hearted humor or non-sensical aural entertainment.

 Be prepared for Dre' from Jerz to touch on serious topics such as what is trending now or show lyrical prowess by spitting bars to make you think. Another characteristic to point out is that Dre' from Jerz does not just sit in one flow. He goes where the music sonically takes him when it comes to delivery.

Keep an open mind when listening to Dre' from Jerz, he just may inspire you.

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Who I am and what I stand for...  

For anyone that doesn't know, my stage name is Dre' from Jerz and I am a recording artist, songwriter as well as a music producer. I represent the men out in the world who are disenfranchised and who many have written off as damaged goods. One of my goals as an recording artist is to establish a network or a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who look to add value to their lives. I will make this my mission to complete until I am no longer able to do so.     



State of Hip Hop Culture: The End of Quarter Follow-Up  

Following the 50th year of Hip Hop, which was in 2023, it would appear as if the entire culture has taking a nose dive. No longer are hip hop, or most would say, rap artists celebrating mainstream success or platinum plaques with each album or CD release. Digital streaming platforms have become mainstays for many avid music listeners. Streams have all but washed away any chance of more than one urban music recording artist reach titular success with charting-topping sales. Low DSP music, royalty payouts…

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We are inviting you to listen to the upcoming track by Dre' from Jerz featuring, Toronto Recording Artist, Smiley. Jersey 2 Toronto (Freestyle) will officially be dropping everywhere on 2.6.24 but you will be able to download FREE* exclusively here for a limited time at this website. You will only have 24 hours starting from 12 midnight to 11:59pm on 1.29.24 to access the free download. Make sure you also peep the official visualizer at this YouTube Channel. You're welcome!


~Team DfJ


PLEASE NOTE: In case you are wondering, this track is a non-exclusive feature paid for to the music producer for licensed-use. Which means that the producer acquired the verse from the featured artist for repeat use. I leased both the beat and feature for a nominal fee as well as a limited time. I only state this to give context on how the featured artist came about. This is my number one streamed track on Spotify and I am giving it to you for free. All that I ask for in return is that you subscribe to my…

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Women of Rap: You now have the Mic!  

Many of you will not like this argument I'm about to present to you. On the regular, Hip hop and Rap get plenty of complaints from women in regard to violence and misogyny. 

In terms of mainstream rap, female recording artists now have the floor and the opportunity that they once never had before. Yet all I hear from women of mainstream rap today is sexually explicit lyrics and a truck load of man-hating. Don't get me wrong, some of that stuff sounds cool at first but then it begins to sound like noise.


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The Creative Process: Defeating Writer's Block!  

A lot of times, I draw inspiration from a current event, the human condition, or my own personal experiences when writing a song. There are moments though where my mind goes blank and I am not able to create a well-crafted world for my rhymes to fit in. Therefore, I must take intermittent breaks meaning that I must withdraw from audio recording for short stints. This helps me diffuse all of the hidden tensions that may cause me to lose touch with my creativity. It's quite difficult in certain instances but…

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In lieu of an upcoming single release, I wanted to do something special for you! Not only will you be able to watch the visualizer…download the new single "Jersey 2 Toronto" Freestyle for FREE*….you can now get a FREE copy of a mixtape (click below) from Dre' from Jerz here exclusively! You're welcome. Enjoy.



Mixtape link: https://drefromjerz.net/album/2741573/museum-rap-the-mixtape-pt-1


*Available for 24 Hours on 1.29.24 from 12am - 11:59pm


Hey! What's up? 

I'm not going to talk a lot of politics on here but I do need to express my thoughts. First and foremost, I am NOT rocking with the current regime in place in the U.S.A. and I most certainly don't agree with their political agenda. Society as a whole in America seems to have a fragile backbone and I can sense it in the air. I can almost hear the barbarians at the gate waiting for anarchy to take place. Our current leadership has failed to serve the American people and we as a collective need…

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For a limited time only! FREE DOWNLOAD! Jersey 2 Toronto (Freestyle) featuring Smiley 

On January 29th, the official visualizer for  “Jersey 2 Toronto” Freestyle will be available for viewing via this YouTube channel. The digital streaming platform release date is scheduled for February 6th, 2024 everywhere. But for a limited-time only (24 hours) you will be able download the single here at drefromjerz.us for FREE! Make sure you check back on 1.29.24 or bookmark the post in your web browser. See you then!

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